Fashion designer Patricia Vincent, photographer Elena Azzalini


It’s dark and quiet, and deep and empty. Very shy, it shows itself for a second and then it’s gone again. It makes me very curious, I want to find out more. What is it, who is it, is it important? Sometimes it is less timid and lets me see it for a bit longer, not enough to satisfy my curiosity, but long enough to make me want more. The 2nd one comes out, the 3rd one, the 4th one and the 5th, but just for a second. My curiosity then becomes obsession and I try to remember and to figure out what it was about. Then I sink in and start to give it a shape, a material and to make it real. This way I can look at it for as long as I want. With a body, it is not shy or afraid anymore. We become one. When they come out from hiding, they are actually the ones who want to see me, they are curious about what I look like. They are a little scared of what they might find out, so they just take sneak-peaks at me. Most of the times they do this when I don’t pay attention, when I am not looking. If I see them looking at me, they immediately hide. They are so fast, sometimes I only see a shadow or a trace. Sometimes I am not even sure I saw them. But after they observe me enough, they stop being afraid of me and then we get to know each other. They show me their shape and I give it a body. We become one.

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