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Passion Bijou(x) Coleccion Marianne Gassier de Joyeria Contemporanea

Marianne Gassier is a lover of contemporary jewelry, a supporter, a blogger and a collector. For the first time this year, as part of the Melting Point event in Valencia, she will show her spectacular collection, Passion Bijou(x). Colección Marianne Gassier de Joyería Contemporánea, to the public. The exhibition consists of about 90 pieces of contemporary jewelry, brooches, necklaces, bracelets, showed in 4 themes: Black, Red Thread, White(s), and Blue(s), and a “river” of 60 rings.

This amazing collection is home to one of my necklaces, Blood on the ground, piece that is part of Marianne’s collection since 2013.

when: 21.04 – 22.05.2016

where: Gallery Tossal, Valencia, Spain

necklace green 131 Izabella Petrut contemporary jewelry art jewellery

Blood on the ground, necklace, Izabella Petrut

Melting Point Valencia Spain 2016 contemporary jewelry

Melting Point, Valencia, Poster, 2016

I’d love to go see the exhibition, but I guess I’ll have to settle with seeing it in pictures this year.

Love & jewelry, Izabella

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