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Izabella Petrut in Refined IX: Humor, USA.

In December 2015 I was very happy when I received an email with a positive answer from the Refined IX: Humor exhibition. Andy Cooperman made the selection and my pieces Yum Yum have been accepted. The exhibition will take place in Austin, Texas, at The Cole Art Center, between January 29th and March 12th 2016.

My pieces, Yum Yum, are made out of home made cookies (made by my lovely mother), epoxy resin, pigment and alpaca.

RefinedIX-Humor-2 web

The poster for the exhibition (credits: the organisers of the exhibition)

yum 1

Yum Yum, brooches, Izabella Petrut

yum 2

Yum Yum, brooch back, Izabella Petrut

yum 4

Yum yum, brooch back, Izabella Petrut

yum 6

Yum yum, brooch back, Izabella Petrut

yum 7

Yum yum, brooch, Izabella Petrut



brooch Izabella Petrut art contemporary jewelry cake cookie

Yum Yum, brooch, Izabella Petrut

I look forward to seeing some pictures from the exhibition and see what other pieces have been selected.



Any questions? Write me a message now.
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