On the 19th of January, if you happened to watch ORF (Austrian television), you might have seen the “Was schätzen Sie…?” show. The show is about the Vienna Art Week that happened in November 2015. Among other things, they are visiting a few workshops in the heart of Vienna, one of them being Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL, my beloved studio. If you want to see how our studio looks like, and find out a bit more about what we do there, watch minute 27:44 to 32, although the entire show is nice to watch if you know German (click here to watch). Below you can see a few captions from the show.

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Now that you’ve see the show, feel free to come by and get to know us in person 😉 .

Location: Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL, Stoss im Himmel 3/3a, A-1010 Vienna, Austria