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Autor May 2014 – with Alchimia, School of Contemporary Jewelry, Florence, Italy

If you are in Bucharest on May 17th-18th, come by Sala Dales, and say “hi” 🙂 . I will be there, at Autor, contemporary jewelry fair, at the Alchimia booth.

This year, for the first time, Alchimia will have a booth at Autor. The exhibition consists of a selection of the Alchimia Collection (Rallou Katsari, Flora Vági, Monica Cecchi, Francesca Urciuoli, Marina Elenskaya, Lena Grabher, Naoka Nakamura, Nadege Roscoe- Rumjahn, Yu Chun Chen, Anna Drexel) and the recently born Alchimia Alumni Collective (ReNacimiento: Dinah Lee, Catalina Gibert, Andrea Coderch, Michelle Kraemer, Katie Gruber, Izabella Petrut).

The installation I designed for Autor is called “Painting for the body, jewelry for the wall” and it puts emphasis on the fact that jewelry’s purpose is not only to be worn, and art is not only to be hung on the wall. The exhibition will display a selection of jewelry pieces that don’t want to be polite, comfortable or made out of precious material, but want to communicate a concept, an emotion, a sentiment, to raise a question or give an answer.


Hope to see you there 😉

iza_DSC0034 1

Izabella Petrut, The CircusDinah Lee, Bone Appetit Series, No8, sterling silver, silver leaf, cow bone, Para natural rubber

Dinah Lee, Bone Appétit Series No.8


Andrea Coderch, You missed SakuraMichelle Kraemer, CumulusNimbus II, balsawood,silver web

Michelle Kraemer, CumulusNimbus

Any questions? Write me a message now.
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