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Tangent Matters. The body is always there.

Lena Grabher, Michelle Kraemer, Izabella Petrut

Jewelry artists Lena Grabher, Michelle Kraemer, Izabella Petrut are all interested in the subtle touch between the piece of jewelry and the body of the wearer. They believe there is a point, a line or a surface of tangency between the two that create a great level of intimacy. This tangency is the focus of Grabher’s, Kraemer’s and Petrut’s work. Regarding the body as a site to place an object, the three artists explore jewelry from the perspective of an actual, physical presence or absence of the body / the wearer.

The three jewelry artists come from different backgrounds and countries in Europe, have studied in different schools, and have very different sources of inspiration. Their paths have met in Italy, where they all studied in the same contemporary jewelry school, but at different times. Then their roads met again in Vienna, where they now share a studio, at Atelier Stossimhimmel.

Kraemer, Grabher and Petrut each have their own jewelry language that they use to tell their stories. Kraemer is fascinated by space, its textures, its colors and its magic. Grabher is exploring a hybrid universe where modular symmetry is helping her question how we think about beauty. Petrut is obsessed with time, with the spontaneity, the uniques and the irreversibility of each moment and how this can be passed on from the her hands into the pieces of jewelry she makes.

The jewelry the three artists make is always in relationship with the body, questioning its presence and absence, and the body’s interaction with jewelry.

Lena Grabher:

Lena Grabher is a Vienna based contemporary Jewelry designer and maker. She started her education in Vienna and completed her apprenticeship examination as a Jeweler at the Wiener Goldschmiede Akademie in 2010. She served as a teaching assistant at the same school for one year before she moved to Florence, Italy. There she studied at the renowned school Alchimia, contemporary Jewelry school in Florence, with Ruudt Peters and Peter Bauhuis to receive her BFA in 2013. Thus, she completed her MFA studies in Metals in May 2015 at the State University of New York at New Paltz. She is now a member of Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL and teaches at the Goldschmiedelehrgang in Vienna.

Michelle Kraemer:

Creative and artistic expression have always played a big role in her life, but she discovered her passion for contemporary jewelry during the last year of my 3D-Design studies at the University of Portsmouth, UK. Afterwards she specialized in contemporary jewelry at Alchimia – Contemporary Jewelry School in Florence, Italy with Prof. Manfred Bischoff and Prof. Ruudt Peters.

Since 2009 she is living and working as a contemporary jewelry artist and is an active member of STOSSIMHIMMEL – Atelier for contemporary jewelry in Vienna

Izabella Petrut:

Izabella Petrut is a contemporary jewelry designer. She has acquired practical and theoretical skills by completing a Bachelors’ (2007) and a Masters’ (2009) degree in Design at the University of Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She has graduated the GJ3 Specialization program at Alchimia, School of contemporary Jewelry, Florence, Italy (2012) with professor Ruudt Peters. At the moment she conducts her doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and she is a member of Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL Vienna.


Galerie V&V, Bauernmarkt 19, 1010 Vienna, Austria (opening times: We-Th 15-19, Fr 12-19, Sa 12-18).

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Thursday, August 24th, 19-21 o’clock.
The exhibition will run until September 30th 2017.

Tuesday September 19th, there will be an installation-performance and sound-happening: Collaboration of Elements with artist Schayan Kazemi.

Galerie V&V

Browse through the online shop.

Check out what is available in the online shop now. 

Jewelry events in Vienna

If you are an art jewelry lover like me, you are probably enjoying this week in Vienna.


Last Night there was the opening of the Eligius Award for Body Jewelry and Jewelry Objects. This event is being organised every tree years, since 2005, by the Federal State of Salzburg and it is Austria’s only award for contemporary jewelry. The exhibition is a cooperation between Kunst im Traklhaus and the MAK, Museum for Applied Arts in Vienna. The exhibition in MAK is showing the shortlisted and the winning pieces of the competition. The prestigious award had been won by my studio colleague Lena Grabher. Congratulations Lena for the great body of work. Exhibition dates: 7 – 25 Sep 2016.

art jewelry events in Vienna
My studio colleagues, my former studio colleagues and I at the opening at MAK

Today in the afternoon, Herbststrasse Kolleg in Vienna, organised a lecture with jewelry artists / makers / designers Herman Hermsen, Peter Vermandere and Tim Carson. Tim Carson made a wonderful performance, while Herman Hermsen and Peter Vermandere brought so many insights into their work.

art jewelry events in Vienna
Herman Hermsen
art jewelry events in Vienna
Herman Hermsen
art jewelry events in Vienna
Peter Vermandere
art jewelry events in Vienna
Peter Vermandere
art jewelry events in Vienna
Tim Carson


art jewelry events in Vienna
Tim Carson

If you want to see their work, you can visit the exhibition opening tomorrow, the 8th of September, at Galerie V&V Vienna.

I am happy that even more super cool jewelry events are to follow this fall in Vienna.


Backstage at Smaranda Almasan 

The talented fashion designer Smaranda  Almasan gave me, the this year again, the chance to show my jewelry at MQ Vienna Fashion Week with her new SS17 collection. 

The fashion show looked great from backstage. She made a wonderful colorful and dynamic collection. I created some pastel chandelier earrings and some colorful necklaces to go with the outfits. 

I am looking forward to seeing the pictures from the show, and I will share them with you soon. 

❤️ Izabella 

Alliages Choice Award 2016

You probably remember that my necklace Dark Night was selected for The Legacy Award, organised by Alliages gallery. The selected pieces have been showcased at Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 29-30th of October & 1st of November 2016. Yesterday evening they announced the winning artists: Teresa Faris, Nicole Shuster and Izabella Petrut won the Alliage choice awards, Ignasi Cavaller the Public Award and Isabelle Brusnel the Jury Award.

I couldn’t be happier and more grateful for this award. Thank you Alliages and Juan Riusech!

Ckk0PPAUUAAuGzYalliages choice award 2016 at joya barcelona for art jewelry

Love, Izabella

How to make sure you have the best gift for Christmas?

14156626_1074700689233840_1537377149_nI know it seems a bit early to talk about Christmas gifts, but if you want to buy a really special, custom made gift for someone, or for yourself, you need to think ahead.

  1. When you buy an Izabella Petrut piece of jewelry that is in stock, don’t wait until the last minute. The stock is limited, many times to just one piece, and if you wait too long, it might not be available any more. Also, the post services will be super busy in December, so this is another reason to order your Izabella Petrut piece now, and avoid the disappointment of not having it in time.
  2. When you want a custom size, color, or piece, you need to think about the time I need to make it. I make every piece myself. Sometimes the materials I use need time to cure and there are lots of layers to be added, so I may need one or even two weeks for some pieces. Other times I have lots of orders and I need to finish the previous ones before I get to yours (first come, first served). You also have to take into account the delivery time. Usually, within the European Union, delivery takes 3 to 5 days, but before Christmas we all know this always takes much longer.

So, in order to make sure everyone gets their presents in time, I have set “last days” for taking in orders for custom made pieces for 2016:

  • for delivery outside the European Union, last chance to order is on November 10th (mostly because sometimes parcels are stuck in customs)
  • for delivery inside the European Union, last chance to order is on November 20th
  • for pick up in the studio in Vienna (Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL, Stoss im Himmel 3/3a A-1010 Vienna), last order will be taken on December 1st

These dates might change if I get too many orders. Also, if you are late with your decision, feel free to contact me, maybe you are lucky and I can still squeeze you in.

Now that you know what you need to do in order to get your gift in time, go ahead and choose your favourite.

Buy your Christmas gift now. 

12568278_1526325154327875_1406229986_nIf you have any questions, please drop me a line and I’ll get back to you very soon.

rings in silver jewelry for man and women one of a kind Izabella Petrut

(Lost) Paradise

If you are in France this following two months, you can visit the cool gallery Alliages. They will soon open a new exhibition on art jewelry and ceramics curated by Juan Riusech called “(Lost) Paradise“. I am one of the selected artists and show a few pieces from my newest collection.

necklace silver spinels black izabella_petrut_paradise alliages gallery
Izabella Petrut, The Only Memory Of Time, necklace, 2016


Artificial, inanimate, painful, lost … Where is your paradise ?

“The youth love, Pure and unconditional, almost dreamy, full of emotions and passion but also temporary. Now kept as a memory, idealized and distant. My beautiful secret (lost) paradise.” Xenia Deimezi

“Sometimes all we can do is wait. But waiting is so many things: torture, a chance to reflect, or simply a waste. I am watching time pass, moments go by, memories sleep away. The present is paradise, the past is the lost paradise.” Izabella Petrut

“Return to origin. We yearn for happiness, seek peace, love. And, generally, we seek outside ourselves. I suspect none of this depends on external circumstances. My heart tells me that the lost paradise is inside me, waiting to be found.” Mar Sanchez

Artists selected for this exhibition : Ana Garcia Moya, Anke Huyben, Caterina Zanca, Ching-Ting Yang, Claudia Steiner, Deimezi Xenia, Eero Hintsanen, Eleanor Symms, Emmanuelle Durand, Fabienne Christyn, Gabriela Secarea Hebe Argentieri, Heidemarie Herb, Helmi Lindblom- Saastamoinen, Isabelle Busnel, Izabella Petrut, Juan Riusech, Kristin Beeler, Lucy Morrow, Ludmilla Buga, Mabel Pena, Mar Sanchez, Margarita Alonso, Martina Dempf, Michelle Kraemer, Nadine Smith, Nanna Melland, Nicole Schuster, Philip Sajet, Rodrigo Acosta, Rosa Borredá, Sébastien Carré, Selma Leal, Sergio e Stefano Spivach, Sònia Serrano, Victoria Ioannidou, Viktoria Münzker, Wiebke Pandikow & Ying Chen.

Founded in 2009 by Juan Riusech, jeweler, ALLIAGES organisation is located at APACE: ART, 111 Boulevard Victor Hugo in Lille and hosts various exhibitions annually. Multidisciplinary thematic exhibitions, they are intended to make known the talent of creators from contemporary jewelery and fire arts. ALLIAGES shows the work of contemporary jewellery artists, expressing through a wide range of materials. ALLIAGES has the mission to support and promote the skills of local designers, regional and foreign ones. The opening of this place of exhibition aims to strengthen the image of these artcrafts by creating a new dynamic for the creators of unique pieces.

(text credit to Alliages and Juan Riusech).


When: 10th of December 2016 – 21st of January 2017, opening on the 9th of December, 18 o’clock.

Where: Espace APACE: ART, 111 Boulevard Victor Hugo, Lille, France 



Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL, the studio I am a part of for the last 3 years, is celebrating 20 years of contemporary jewelry made in Vienna. The retrospective exhibition will exhibit the works of the 19 artists that have been part of the studio for over the last 20 years.

Artists exhibiting:

current artists: Caroline Ertl, Lena Grabher, Michelle Kraemer, Izabella Petrut, Astrid SIber, Eva Tesarik, Heike Wanner, Kamilla Wróbel

former members: Viktoria Münzker, Birgit Wie, Claire Karó, Tatiana Warenichova, Julia Bramhas, Martin Leitner, Lucia Hajdinova, Sidonie Pacher, Susanne Matsché, Darina Hruby, Agnes Maria Steinmetzer.

Come celebrate with us on May 20th, 19:00 o’clock; there will be a formal opening by Ariane Reither, followed by music and good times with DJ Mulek!

Where: Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL, Stoss im Himmel 3/3a 1010 Vienna, Austria

When: May the 20th, 19:00o’clock. The exhibition will run until June the 2nd, Mo-Fr 10-18 & Sa 12-18.


Melting Point, Valencia 2016, The Legacy Collection

The Legacy collection, a collection put together by Juan Riusech and Alliages Gallery, from Lille, France, started in 2015 with a competition. The pieces selected were presented at Joya, Barcelona, in the autumn of 2015. This year, a selection from the collection will travel to Valencia, for the event Melting Point Biennial event.

I am really happy one of my pieces, Innocent, is part of this collection and will be shown at Melting Point.

See all the selected pieces from The Legacy collection here.

Location: PERIS ROCA Orfebres, Calle Bolseria 31, Valencia, Spain.

Date: Thursday 21st, Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd 2016, 11-14 o’clock & 17-20 o’clock / Sunday 24th : 12-15 o’clock. A lecture about the Alliages project will take place on Friday the 22nd, at 11:15 o’clock, at EASD Valencia, Calle Pintor Domingo 20.

Izabella Petrut wearable art jewellery schmuck joya bijuterie luxury contemporary handmade
Innocent, necklace, Izabella Petrut, now part of The Legacy Collection at Alliages.

invH-2016-MPOINT The Legacy Collection
The Legacy Collection, Alliages, 2016, Melting Point.

part of the selection of The Legacy collection, Melting Point 2016
Part of the selection of The Legacy collection, Melting Point 2016

Love, Izabella

Inside the studio, on TV

On the 19th of January, if you happened to watch ORF (Austrian television), you might have seen the “Was schätzen Sie…?” show. The show is about the Vienna Art Week that happened in November 2015. Among other things, they are visiting a few workshops in the heart of Vienna, one of them being Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL, my beloved studio. If you want to see how our studio looks like, and find out a bit more about what we do there, watch minute 27:44 to 32, although the entire show is nice to watch if you know German (click here to watch). Below you can see a few captions from the show.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 13.54.50Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 13.58.30Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 13.59.30Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 14.00.00Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 14.00.27

Now that you’ve see the show, feel free to come by and get to know us in person 😉 .

Location: Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL, Stoss im Himmel 3/3a, A-1010 Vienna, Austria



Izabella Petrut’s new collection, part of The Permanent 2016, at Alliages gallery in France

Here and Now, can be seen at Alliages Gallery, in Lille, France, as part of the The Permanent 2016 exhibition. If you want to see who else is taking part in this exhibition, click here. The exhibition is curated by Juan Riusech and will open on the 6th of February 2016.

Below you can see one of my pieces, together with some of my favourite pieces and artists in this exhibition. (Credits for the pictures go to Alliages and the artists.)

I would love to be there for the opening, so if you have the chance, don’t miss it 😉 .

Izabella Petrut
Heng Leen
Aisegull Telli
Liisa Hashimoto
Eva Tesarik
Isabelle Busnel
Velisiva Bozhinova
Victoria Ioannidou
Dabin Lee
Michelle Kraemer
Alina Carp

Izabella Petrut in Refined IX: Humor, USA.

In December 2015 I was very happy when I received an email with a positive answer from the Refined IX: Humor exhibition. Andy Cooperman made the selection and my pieces Yum Yum have been accepted. The exhibition will take place in Austin, Texas, at The Cole Art Center, between January 29th and March 12th 2016.

My pieces, Yum Yum, are made out of home made cookies (made by my lovely mother), epoxy resin, pigment and alpaca.

RefinedIX-Humor-2 web
The poster for the exhibition (credits: the organisers of the exhibition)
yum 1
Yum Yum, brooches, Izabella Petrut
yum 2
Yum Yum, brooch back, Izabella Petrut
yum 4
Yum yum, brooch back, Izabella Petrut
yum 6
Yum yum, brooch back, Izabella Petrut
yum 7
Yum yum, brooch, Izabella Petrut



brooch Izabella Petrut art contemporary jewelry cake cookie
Yum Yum, brooch, Izabella Petrut

I look forward to seeing some pictures from the exhibition and see what other pieces have been selected.



Behind the scenes at Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL

A few weeks ago Anne Feldkamp, journalist and art historian from Vienna, visited Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL. She wrote a beautiful article about the history of the studio I am currently a part of, and some insights on our work. Click here to read the article. (PS: the article is in German).

Izabella Petrut, art jewelry
Repetitive, indefinite, infinite present, ring, Izabella Petrut

Fashion meets jewelry

Thank you Patricia Vincent for this wonderful photoshoot.
Photography: Danielle Cassar
Jewelry: Izabella Petrut
Model: Lilyana Ilieva
Hair & Make-up: Mapi Macia
Location: Malta, 2015
Art Jewelry by Izabella Petrut, Fashion by Patricia Vincent, Photography: Danielle Cassar, Model: Lilyana Ilieva, Hair & Make-up: Mapi Macia, Location: Malta

Izabella Petrut at Alliages Gallery new exhibition, A dark spark of light

If you are in Lille, France, in December 2015, you have the chance to visit the new exhibition, A dark spark of light, hosted by Alliages. The exhibition curated by Juan Riusech and Thereza Pedrosa, will open on the 11th of December at 6pm, and will show contemporary jewellery and ceramics. If you miss the opening, you can still see the exhibition until 30th of January 2016.

“A dark spark of light, where opposites attract and are connected by an invisible thread. There is no light without shadow, good without evil, no happiness without pain. “A dark spark of light” is an invitation to reflect on the beauty of life, in all contradictory and opposing forms in which it manifests itself.” (Text by Alliages).

Address: Espace APACE : ART / ALLIAGES – 111, Boulevard Victor Hugo, 59000 LILLE , Phone : +33 (0)3 20 52 68 30 – +33 (0)6 28 21 13 57 – http://alliages.org/a-dark-spark-of-light-en/

Amongst all the talented artists and amazing art jewellery, you can also see a few of my pieces. At the same time as the exhibition in Alliages, there will be an online exhibition on www.beautifulpeopleliveart.com.


Repetitive, indefinite, infinite present, ring, Izabella Petrut

Inability to experience the presence of the present, necklace, Izabella Petrut

Thank you Juan Riusech and Thereza Pedrosa for selecting my work.

Video from MQ Vienna FW2015

If you didn’t have the chance to go to the MQ Vienna Fashion Week this year, you can see Smaranda Almasan‘s show in full length here: https://youtu.be/L7sKloBx4gc

You have the chance to see some cool closeups with jewelry made by me for this show, and a few pieces from my new collection (soon on the website).


Smaranda Almasan SS16 / Izabella Petrut jewellry
Smaranda Almasan SS16 / Izabella Petrut jewellry

MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2015

Like every year, in September, in Museums Quartier in Vienna you can get up to date with the latest trends in fashion, at Fashion Week. I was again lucky to have the chance to complement Smaranda Almasan‘s new amazing collection with some pieces made especially for the show and some pieces from my new collection “Here and Now”.

Smaranda Almasan, SS16, jewellery Izabella Petrut
Smaranda Almasan, SS16, jewellery Izabella Petrut
Smaranda Almasan, SS16, jewellery Izabella Petrut
Smaranda Almasan, SS16, jewellery Izabella Petrut
Smaranda Almasan, SS16, jewellery Izabella Petrut
Smaranda Almasan, SS16, jewellery Izabella Petrut
Smaranda Almasan, SS16, jewellery Izabella Petrut
Smaranda Almasan, SS16, jewellery Izabella Petrut
Smaranda Almasan, SS16, jewellery Izabella Petrut
Smaranda Almasan, SS16, jewellery Izabella Petrut

Innocent necklace selected for The Alliages Legacy Award 2015

I am very happy to announce my necklace Innocent has been selected for The ALLIAGES Legacy Award 2015.This means that my work will be showed in their stall at JOYA Barcelona Art Jewelry Fair and it will be part of the catalog/book “Alliages 2015”. Among all works selected and shown at Joya Barcelona Art Jewelry Fair, 2 will win an award (Jury award and Public award). The piece will become part of the private collection of Alliages and will later be donated to a museum.

Find out more about this piece by clicking here.


MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2014


Congratulations to Smaranda Almasan (www.smaranda-almasan.com) for this amazing collection, “Dispute with the unknown”, presented at MQ Vienna Fashion Week. I am very happy and grateful my jewellery had the chance to be in this show. ( Izabella Petrut = jewellery) ( Mihaela Glavan = shoes) .

Watch the entire show here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIQlFNq1aM4

Here are a few pictures from the show (photographers Vlad Gherman and Thomas Lerch). I can’t decide which one is my favourite outfit, I just love them all.

Smaranda Almasan show “Dispute with the unknown” at MQ Vienna fashion Week 2014 + jewelry Izabella Petrut + shoes Mihaela Glavan
MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2014
Smaranda Almasan show “Dispute with the unknown” at MQ Vienna fashion Week 2014 + jewelry Izabella Petrut + shoes Mihaela Glavan
MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2014
Smaranda Almasan show “Dispute with the unknown” at MQ Vienna fashion Week 2014 + jewelry Izabella Petrut + shoes Mihaela Glavan
MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2014
Smaranda Almasan show “Dispute with the unknown” at MQ Vienna fashion Week 2014 + jewelry Izabella Petrut + shoes Mihaela Glavan
MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2014
Smaranda Almasan show “Dispute with the unknown” at MQ Vienna fashion Week 2014 + jewelry Izabella Petrut + shoes Mihaela Glavan
MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2014
Smaranda Almasan show “Dispute with the unknown” at MQ Vienna fashion Week 2014 + jewelry Izabella Petrut + shoes Mihaela Glavan
MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2014
Smaranda Almasan show “Dispute with the unknown” at MQ Vienna fashion Week 2014 + jewelry Izabella Petrut + shoes Mihaela Glavan
MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2014
Smaranda Almasan show “Dispute with the unknown” at MQ Vienna fashion Week 2014 + jewelry Izabella Petrut + shoes Mihaela Glavan
MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2014
Smaranda Almasan show “Dispute with the unknown” at MQ Vienna fashion Week 2014 + jewelry Izabella Petrut + shoes Mihaela Glavan
MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2014
Smaranda Almasan show “Dispute with the unknown” at MQ Vienna fashion Week 2014 + jewelry Izabella Petrut + shoes Mihaela Glavan
MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2014
Smaranda Almasan show “Dispute with the unknown” at MQ Vienna fashion Week 2014 + jewelry Izabella Petrut + shoes Mihaela Glavan
MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2014
Smaranda Almasan show “Dispute with the unknown” at MQ Vienna fashion Week 2014 + jewelry Izabella Petrut + shoes Mihaela Glavan
Smaranda Almasan show “Dispute with the unknown” at MQ Vienna fashion Week 2014 + jewelry Izabella Petrut + shoes Mihaela Glavan
Smaranda Almasan show “Dispute with the unknown” at MQ Vienna fashion Week 2014 + jewelry Izabella Petrut + shoes Mihaela Glavan
Smaranda Almasan show “Dispute with the unknown” at MQ Vienna fashion Week 2014 + jewelry Izabella Petrut + shoes Mihaela Glavan
Smaranda Almasan show “Dispute with the unknown” at MQ Vienna fashion Week 2014 + jewelry Izabella Petrut + shoes Mihaela Glavan

Thank you Smaranda.



At the beginning of 2013 I moved to Vienna and shortly after, in May, I was lucky enough to have the chance to be one of the artists in Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL. 

Since then, together with the wonderful other 7 artists, we have organised a few exhibitions in the gallery of STOSSIMHIMMEL

Here are a few pictures from, a few exhibition set-ups, a few pics with the front entry, and my bench.

It is truly the best place in the world 🙂

IMG_0610 IMG_0677 IMG_0817 photo photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 1 photo 5

Autor May 2014 – with Alchimia, School of Contemporary Jewelry, Florence, Italy

If you are in Bucharest on May 17th-18th, come by Sala Dales, and say “hi” 🙂 . I will be there, at Autor, contemporary jewelry fair, at the Alchimia booth.

This year, for the first time, Alchimia will have a booth at Autor. The exhibition consists of a selection of the Alchimia Collection (Rallou Katsari, Flora Vági, Monica Cecchi, Francesca Urciuoli, Marina Elenskaya, Lena Grabher, Naoka Nakamura, Nadege Roscoe- Rumjahn, Yu Chun Chen, Anna Drexel) and the recently born Alchimia Alumni Collective (ReNacimiento: Dinah Lee, Catalina Gibert, Andrea Coderch, Michelle Kraemer, Katie Gruber, Izabella Petrut).

The installation I designed for Autor is called “Painting for the body, jewelry for the wall” and it puts emphasis on the fact that jewelry’s purpose is not only to be worn, and art is not only to be hung on the wall. The exhibition will display a selection of jewelry pieces that don’t want to be polite, comfortable or made out of precious material, but want to communicate a concept, an emotion, a sentiment, to raise a question or give an answer.


Hope to see you there 😉

iza_DSC0034 1

Izabella Petrut, The CircusDinah Lee, Bone Appetit Series, No8, sterling silver, silver leaf, cow bone, Para natural rubber

Dinah Lee, Bone Appétit Series No.8


Andrea Coderch, You missed SakuraMichelle Kraemer, CumulusNimbus II, balsawood,silver web

Michelle Kraemer, CumulusNimbus

Sieraad 2011

In 2-7 November 2011 some of the girls and guys from the 3rd year and I, together with Doris Maninger, went to Amsterdam to visit the Sieraad jewelry fair and the B-Side Festival. Here are some details of our trip.

In the 1st day we arrived in Amsterdam at 8am, so, the first thing we did was to go to the hotel and leave the luggage. Then we walked around the city, admiring the nice streets, canals, the typical architecture, the bicycles and so on.







The 2nd day we all met to rent some bikes and we also met Estela Saez Vilanova. She was our guide through Amsterdam, B-Side festival and some designers’ studios for the next 4 days.  We first went to the WesterGasfabriek where the Sieraad fair was located, to prepare the performance.







Then we visited Atelier Ted Noten. When we got there, there were already there some other students from the school from Arnhem. Ted Noten made a presentation for all of us, describing his source of inspiration, his concept, his projects and his studio. For me, being one of the admirers of his work, it was very exciting to be there, to see his studio, to hear the presentation.







The next exciting thing was the visit to Estela Saez Vilanova’s studio. She is a very active jewelry designer, being involved in teaching, organizing jewelry related events, being Ruudt Peters assistant, making exhibitions with her own work and so on. Her studio is a comfortable place, where you can see the research, the storyboard, the tryouts, the works of an artist. Thanks to all her experience, she was able to give us lots of answers about the jewelry designers, galleries and jewelry in Amsterdam.







At about 6pm it was the opening of the Sieraad fair and we had the RED performance, so we went there early to get prepared. The performance was a presentation / introduction of the Alchimia, school of contemporary jewelry in Florence. It consisted of 9 students from the 3rd year (the last year of study) wearing each a red textile toga decorated with the work in progress, the research we all did this year, with a letter from the word “alchimia” painted on the face, walking around and every 5 minutes forming a line that would reveal “Alchimia”. People seemed interested in what we were doing, in what we were wearing.







In the evening, some of us went to the opening of the “Inyanim Group” exhibition. The event it was part of the B-side festival. The “Inyanim Group” (Rory Hooper, Aviv Kniel, Gregory Larin, Tehila Levi, Michal Oren, Kobi Roth, Dana Seachuga, Deganit Stern, Schocken and Edda Vardimon Gudnason).

The 3rd day, in the morning, we went to see an event from the B-side festival: Lelletje. It was a 1 square meter shop that was selling earring made from a variety of artists. In my opinion, the earrings there are more into the arts and crafts category and the presentation was not professional nor was it practical.  Then we went to another event from the B-side festival, Collectiv A6 (Noemie Castillo, Alicia Rosselet, Cecile Guenat, Luisa Schwarz, Arnaud Zill and Aurore De Geer), that was well organized, in a proper space. They had a nice project going, a project composed of some parts of necklaces, allowing the visitor to assemble her/his own. Other then this project, they were exhibiting the jewels made by the members of the group, some well made, bold, fresh jewelry.










Our next visit was to Galerie Rob Koudijs. The gallery has an open space, suitable for any kind of displays, not crowded, flexible and with a big enough window so you can see from the outside that there is an exhibition. There was an exhibition called “Where did the night go?” by Alexander Blank. The exhibition consisted on 3 big, irregularly geometrical shaped tables with necklaces. The necklaces were hand carved in foam, white, cartoon like characters.  The other exhibition that was on was “Hide n’ Seek” by Melanie Isverding. The way the gallery is organized gives the exhibition and the viewer enough air. On the back wall, there is another area that displays a carefully selected range of contemporary jewelry. Rob Kougijs told us a little bit about the exhibitions and the gallery and them we asked questions. It is a very well organized gallery, with well established goals. Rob Koudijs leaves the impression that he know exactly what and who he want to exhibit, what and how their relationship should be, what he is looking for his clients. The jewelry looks great inside this gallery. The artists selected here are all on the edge in some way, authentic and fresh.







After this we went to see another B-Side exhibition called Meganano, where we sow  pieces of jewelry of Lucy Sarneel’s and paintings of Jelle Kampen’s. The space is beautiful so at the beginning I was fascinated by the way the pieces were arranged, and later I discovered the quality of the pieces and the nice details in the jewelry.







In the evening we went to Arnhem, at the MMKA Museum, for the opening of the exhibition “Jewellery Unleashed!”. It was a great event with lots of great pieces of jewelry displayed by certain categories. There was also a performance made by the artist Frederic Braham, that consisted on displaying on a table lots of bottle that had label on and a liquid inside. He was dressed as a chemist, wearing gloves, and he was saying that beauty comes from inside, so you should drink a spoon with one of the liquids. He decided what you should have: gold, emerald, sapphire and so on. In my opinion it was a great performance and very appropriate to have it for this event. Besides having the opportunity to look at the wonderful pieces of jewelry on the walls and displays, we could also admire the equally wonderful pieces of jewelry worn by the people that were present there, that were like a performance itself. Then, there was the party.







In the morning of the day 4 we went to the Central Station Amsterdam to see one of the performances made my the Borax Group. The performance concisted of the members dressed up in jumpsuites made out of a white fabric, with the name of the groupe on the back, each of them wearing a piece of jewelry. They were walking around and every now and then they were forming formations and were standing in different possitions. There was another persone dressed the same, that was handing out flyers and talking to people. Over all it was a good performance, but they were not carefull with all the details.







Then we went to Galerie Louise Smit and we met and talked to Monika Zampa. The galerie is small but coquettish. The exhibition going on there was called “Flora et Lavora” by Doris Betz. The pieces are fascinating to look at, the surfaces are hipnotising and the neckleces, when worn, are really different from when you see them displayed. Monika Zampa talked about the galerie, about the works of Doris Betz and about her own work. They have a large variety of artists exhibitiong there, many of them already well knowen, other at the beginning of their carriars.







Next we went to Galerie Ra where there were the exhibitions of Lisa Walker and Karl Fritsch. The gallery has a concept store fealling, more then a gallery. The Lisa Walker exhibition is the one that really leaves an impresion. The sellection of jewelry on sale is great, and the space is well managed. The displays are packed with jewelry, wich is great and awfull at the same time.







Then we went to Steinbeisser where there was a performance and an exhibition. The performance was called “She decided to buy Flowers by Herself” with Monika Brugger, Marzena Kreminska and Simon Tanguy. The exhibition was an impressive collection of shoes : “10 Years Retrospective of Shoemaker Kei Kagami”. They were lined up on a long two sided bar, the display making them even more spectacular.







I spent day 5 at the Sieraad fair, at the space where Alchimia was presenting the school. This way I had the chance to see peoples reaction to our work, to talk to them and to make miself a general idea about the fair. The Inspirations and Visions section was really the best part. It seemed more like a gallery. The pieces of Jasmin Matzakow were really impresive, mostly because of the way the surface was treated and textured.

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp had a preject that realy cought my atension: it was a series of jewerly all starting from alchimy and gold. The students found smars, simple, yet very good looking ways of making this into jewelry.

The Lost and Found performance made by Rietveld Accademie was one that really cought my attention. It way the kind of performance that involves the viewer in a noninvasive way and it was fun for the participants.







Galerie Ra had a book stand where there was the sighning of the book “On Jewellery, A compendium of international contemporary art jewellery” by Liesbeth den Besten.

In the end it was a great experience and I had a great time with my classmates. Amsterdam is a great city and Sieraad a great jewelry fair.