(Lost) Paradise


If you are in France this following two months, you can visit the cool gallery Alliages. They will soon open a new exhibition on art jewelry and ceramics curated by Juan Riusech called “(Lost) Paradise“. I am one of the selected artists and show a few pieces from my newest collection.

jewelry exhibition, necklace silver spinels black, handmade by Izabella Petrut
Izabella Petrut, The Only Memory Of Time, necklace, 2016

“Sometimes all we can do is wait. But waiting is so many things: torture, a chance to reflect, or simply a waste. I am watching time pass, moments go by, memories sleep away. The present is paradise, the past is the lost paradise.” Izabella Petrut

When: 10th of December 2016 – 21st of January 2017, opening on the 9th of December, 18 o’clock.

Where: Espace APACE: ART, 111 Boulevard Victor Hugo, Lille, France