2016, mentioned in Fashion.atpress in fashion.at about exhibition art jewelry

2016, mentioned in AOS-Magazine.com

press aos-magazine art jewelry exhibition

2016, mentioned in Mosaik-Magazin.at

press mosaik-magazin exhibition

2016, interview on TheStylistbook press interview with izabella petrut for the stylistbook

2016, mentioned in derJuwelier.at

press about exhibition

2016, mentioned in www.schmuckmagazin.depress atelier stossimhimmel vienna izabella petrut

2015, article on Hausie Magizabella petrut hausie art jewelry article

2015, mentioned on www.austrianfashion.net izabella petrut austrianfashionnet art jewelry article

2015, interview on www.whenwherewh.at

press izabella petrut art jewelry schmuck kunst

2015, mentioned in Stadtleben Vienna.

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2015, my ring “Repetitive, indefinite, infinite present” in Vicenza Jewellery Magazine, page 52, in the company of other pieces from the A Dark Spark of Light exhibition organised by Alliages Gallery and Beautiful People Live Art.


Article about the studio Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL, where I am a member, in Rondeo (Der Standard), Vienna, 2015


Article about the studio Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL, where I am a member, in Oesterreichs Wirtschaftsmagazin fuer Frauen, 2015


2015, mentioned in Elle Deco RomaniaElle Deco Romania 2015

My necklace in VJ Online Magazine, thanks to the cool Alliages. page 24-25

VJ online magazine 2015

JunGlam, Italy, 2015Junglam Italy 2015

2014, in online Magazin NoovoEditionspress izabella petrut jewelry art kunst

2013, article in D’Autor Mag izabella petrut autor artjewelry

Marzee Catalogue 2012IMG_0122


Tarom Mag , page 31


2011, mentioned in One Magazine press izabella petrut art jewelry kunst schmuck atelier stossimhimmel vienna