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Running horse … far away


Online Shop.Original jewelry. Necklace in onyx and animal toy. Izabella Petrut Art Jewelry necklace, made in onyx and galvanized plastic toy. Izabella Petrut statement necklace made in onyx and galvanised plastic toy

fantastic jewellery made in unusual Izabella Petrut

art jewelry and fashion beautiful unusual necklace by Izabella Petrutphoto Melanie Nedelko, fashion designer Particia Vincent, model Reinhilde Wilhelmine Lahner

Necklace, plastic toy, electroformed in silver, silver, onyx, 2012


The “Innocent” project gives me the chance to express an issue I am very much concerned with: the abuse against animals. The plastic toys are a way of representing an innocence that can only imply the horrible things that could / might have happened.

Online Shop. 

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