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Eligius Preis 2019

Eligius Preis 2019

Eligius Preis 2019, Izabella Petrut, Sharing Hopes and Dreams NecklaceThe Eligius Preis is the most important prise in Austria, that celebrates art jewelry. The prise is awarded every 3 years, this being the 6th edition.

Art Jewellery, Schmuckkunst von Izabella Petrut, Eligius 2019, MAK Wien

This year I am one of the 13 nominees for the award, with my jewelry series “A Love Story”. The selected brooches and necklaces will be exhibited in:

Big Blue brooch, by Izabella Petrut, Schmuckkunst, Eligius Preis 2019

This year’s award was judged by:

  • Anne-Katrin Rossberg, curator of the MAK Museum metal collection and Wiener Werkstätte archive.
  • Giampaolo Babetto, Italian jewelry artist.
  • Cornelie Holzach, Director of Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim.

Eligius Preis 2019, brooch, Izabella Petrut Art Jewelry Kunstschmuck Through deconstructing his old used roller-skates, in this jewelry series, I narrate a love story. It is a collection of memories materialised in  brooches, necklaces, bracelets and rings. The pieces are brought together through one color each. I use 3 colours: denim blue, a very dark grey and white, colours that come from the ones the roller-skates had.

Izabella Petrut with big necklace, Eligius Preis 2019, Art Jewellery

I hope to see many of you at the Eligius Preis exhibition opening on the 5th of March 2019, at MAK Vienna.

Love, Izabella

Tangent Matters. The body is always there.

Tangent Matters. The body is always there.

Art Jewelry Exhibition in Vienna


Lena Grabher, Michelle Kraemer, Izabella Petrut

Jewelry artists Lena Grabher, Michelle Kraemer, Izabella Petrut are all interested in the subtle touch between the piece of jewelry and the body of the wearer. They believe there is a point, a line or a surface of tangency between the two that create a great level of intimacy. This tangency is the focus of Grabher’s, Kraemer’s and Petrut’s work. Regarding the body as a site to place an object, the three artists explore jewelry from the perspective of an actual, physical presence or absence of the body / the wearer.

The three jewelry artists come from different backgrounds and countries in Europe, have studied in different schools, and have very different sources of inspiration. Their paths have met in Italy, where they all studied in the same contemporary jewelry school, but at different times. Then their roads met again in Vienna, where they now share a studio, at Atelier Stossimhimmel.

Kraemer, Grabher and Petrut each have their own jewelry language that they use to tell their stories. Kraemer is fascinated by space, its textures, its colors and its magic. Grabher is exploring a hybrid universe where modular symmetry is helping her question how we think about beauty. Petrut is obsessed with time, with the spontaneity, the uniques and the irreversibility of each moment and how this can be passed on from the her hands into the pieces of jewelry she makes.

The jewelry the three artists make is always in relationship with the body, questioning its presence and absence, and the body’s interaction with jewelry.


Galerie V&V, Bauernmarkt 19, 1010 Vienna, Austria (opening times: We-Th 15-19, Fr 12-19, Sa 12-18).

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Thursday, August 24th, 19-21 o’clock.
The exhibition will run until September 30th 2017.

Tuesday September 19th, there will be an installation-performance and sound-happening: Collaboration of Elements with artist Schayan Kazemi.

kunst schmuck Ausstellung wien, jewelry exhibition vienna art jewelry exhibition Vienna



Alliages Choice Award 2016

Alliages Choice Award 2016


You probably remember that my necklace Dark Night was selected for The Legacy Award, organised by Alliages gallery. The selected pieces have been showcased at Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 29-30th of October & 1st of November 2016. Yesterday evening they announced the winning artists: Teresa Faris, Nicole Shuster and Izabella Petrut won the Alliage choice awards, Ignasi Cavaller the Public Award and Isabelle Brusnel the Jury Award.

I couldn’t be happier and more grateful for this award. Thank you Alliages and Juan Riusech!

SchmuckKunst, Schmuck Kunst Wien, Designerin Izabella Petrut. Schwarz Halsschmuck , Schmuckskulptur Izabella Petrut

jewelry exhibition, alliages choice award 2016 at joya barcelona for art jewelry