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I conduct my artistic practice in a beautiful, shared jewelry studio, together with seven other talented jewelry artists. The jewelry studio has been founded in 1996, and since then various jewelry artists habe been working here.

Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL, Stoss im Himmel 3/3a, A-1010 Vienna, Austria

STOSSIMHIMMEL, our shared jewelry studio, consists of a big workshop and two large exhibition rooms. We have an ongoing exhibition that you can see Monday to Friday 10-18 o’clock, and Saturday 12-18 o’clock. A few times a year we change the exhibition and organize opening events. In between we have lots of smaller events when you can come see me and my jewelry in a more festive way.

You can always come by spontaneously any time during the opening times, just to see what is new, see how the pieces of jewelry are being made, and find out more about the story of each piece. If you want to make sure you’ll meet me at the studio, it is best if you make an appointment. Sometimes I have to do work and errands outside the studio.

Galleries and Stock Lists


jewelry studio, art jewelry exhibition. Izabella Petrut contemporary jewelry design. Atelier Stossimhimmel ViennaIf you have any questions about how to buy a piece of Izabella Petrut jewelry, you can contact me via email (contact(at)izabellapetrut(dot)com) or use the contact form below.

Some pieces of jewelry can be bought directly from this website, in the online store, other from the galleries listed below, and some only in my studio / gallery. Because I make one of a kind and small series of art jewelry, each of the galleries and places that showcase my jewelry have a different body of work. If you like any pieces on my website, and don’t see a “buy” button, simply contact me and I’ll let you know if the piece is still in stock, or if I can make you your very own custom piece of the same style.


jewelry studio, jewelry gallery and shop in Vienna. Atelier Stossimhimmel. Izabella Petrut wearable art jewellery.

 Online Store 

 STOSSIMHIMMEL Atelier für zeitgenössischen Schmuck

Stoss im Himmel 3/3a, 1010 Vienna, Austria

  Alternatives / No-Gram

Via della Chiesa Nuova, 10, CAP 00186 Rome, Italy

 Alice Floriano

Rua Félix da Cunha, 1143, Bairro Moinhos de Vento, Porto Alegre, Brasil


111 boulevard Victor Hugo, 59000 Lille, France

 Etsy

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If you want to know the availability of a piece, or where to buy my work in your area, please write me a message below.

You can also make an appointment with me to discuss a custom design for a one of a kind piece.