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No clouds in the sky

earrings in silver and blue pigmentHandcrafted in Vienna, jewelry in silver and black pigment: By Izabella Petrut Statement earrings, handmade in silver and black pigment. By Izabella Petrut Beautiful hand made, light big silver earrings with black pigment. By Izabella Petrut

extraordinary contemporary jewelry earrings in silver and blue pigment

hand made earrings in silver and black pigment made in Vienna

blue earrings contemporary hand made jewellery

photo Melanie Nedelko, fashion designer Particia Vincent, model Reinhilde Wilhelmine Lahner

Earrings, silver, pigment (different colours), one of a kind, made to order.

Here & Now – Brooches 01


Here & Now – Earrings 02


Here & Now – Earrings 01


Here & Now – Ring 02


Here & Now – Ring 01




Not much time left


Maybe next time


All the other times before


Taking time for granted


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izabella petrut art jewelry ring red silver

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